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07 Sep 2010

Lahore Arts Council

The Lahore Arts Council is an institution which runs diverse art venues – an open air theatre, auditoriums, and an exhibition space with a permanent collection of Pakistani “old masters”.

Its mission is to promote and preserve Pakistani art tradition and to support artists from all genres financially and otherwise. Apart from this, the Lahore Arts Council aims to establish a performing arts academy.

The major functions of the Lahore Arts Council are given below:

  • Develop and maintain facilities for all forms of arts including performing arts through own productions or soliciting market support; provide professional technical/audio-visual aids

  • Establish, encourage, sponsor, arrange, organize and manage art galleries and provide such technical / financial spport may be necessary

  • Establish an academy/school of performing arts

  • Institute and award fellowships, scholarships, diplomas, certificates, medals, grants, prizes loan, aid monetary or other assistance to individuals or groups engaged in the study , research, furtherance, promotion and creation of art, design, and all other kinds of performing arts such as music, drama, dance, singing, mimes, puppeteering

  • Conduct cultural fairs, festivals and other related activities in art & culture, organize cultural ensembles, exhibitions of plastic/ metal/ wood art and crafts within Pakistan or abroad

  • Printing, publish, issues, circulate books, periodicals, brochure etc and other similar efforts incidental and conducive to the attainment of aims and objectives of Lahore Arts Council

  • Hold programmes and other functions in the field of art, literature and culture of its own or in collaboration with N.GOs or as entrusted to it by the Government

  • Impart specific skills through training programmes in the field of fine arts and crafts, computer graphics, performing arts, fashion designing, reading, speaking and writing, photography etc.

  • Document the performers in the fields of dramatics, musicals, puppetry, mimes, street entertainm

  • Establish museums of musical instruments, sculptures, Alhamra archives, museum of folk-heritage, a permanent art gallery with paintings owned by it and a library including library including audio-visual library

The Council is open to cooperate with non-governmental organisations. Its website contains an image gallery of the architecturally awarded Alhamra building and portfolios of artists, amongst others.