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06 May 2011

La Femis

One of the France's most prestigious film schools. The site sections present the school's history, its objectives, the courses, the application procedure and employment.

The school runs international programmes in partnership with European and Asian organisation. A master class training programme for young filmmakers supervised by the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg and the Paris Film School «La fémis».

Here, small groups of young Europeans are trained to become the «co-producers of the future», as the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media Christina Weiss has already enthusiastically predicted. (Read more here).


Each year, the Summer University that takes place during nine weeks, allows young professionals and foreign students to supplement their formal training and practical with the school. The international contest, organized in connection with the embassies of France abroad, gives place to a procedure comparable to that of the national contest.

In addition, the fémis cooperates with many schools abroad, either to propose modules of training, or to carry out missions to help with the installation of film training in these countries.

The Film School of the New York Film Academy organizes a summer workshop at La Femis. Click here to find out more.