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04 Jul 2011

Korea National University of Arts

Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts) has served as home to prominent Korean artists and it has also been fulfilling its mission of fostering aspiring young artists. K-Arts has accomplished remarkable achievements, demonstrating great enthusiasm based on its conviction in the importance of art education. Creating such a university is like planting the seed of a magnificent tree that will take firm root to nourish the world.

K-Arts was established by law in 1993. In 1990, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Korea announced a ‘Ten-Year Project for the Cultural Development,’ and the foundation of a national arts institution was the crucial provision of this project. Until the early 1980s, in Korea, there was no specialised university that devoted its entire curriculum to artistic endeavors. Therefore, many budding artists who wanted to continue their artistic search through professional training went abroad. The announcement of the foundation of the national university of arts in 1993 was thus the revelation and manifestation of artistic prosperity in Korea. 

K-Arts encompasses all disciplines of arts including music, dance, theatre, film, TV, animation, fine art, design, architecture, and Korean traditional arts.

The university consists of six independent but correlative schools: the School of Music, the School of Drama, the School of Film, TV & Multimedia, the School of Dance, the School of Visual Arts, and the School of Korean Traditional Arts. K-ARTS offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program while providing pre-school training program for promising young students.