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31 Aug 2017

Korea Foundation | grants for cultural exchange projects


The Korea Foundation has two open calls for eligible organisations outside Korea to apply for grants. The 2018-19 Arts and Cultural Exchange Program and for the 2018-20 Support for Overseas Museums have calls for project based activities to promote understanding and friendship between Korea and other countries, and access abroad to Korean arts and culture. Both calls have a deadline of August 31 2017 for applications.

2018-2019 Arts and Cultural Exchange Program

The Korea Foundation (KF) offers sponsorship support for a variety of Korea-related cultural exchange programs being implemented by organizations abroad as part of its efforts to promote understanding and friendship between Korea and other countries.

Eligible Applicants

1. Overseas organizations organizing arts and cultural programs
2. Overseas universities with Korean studies centers or Korea programs
- Applications from individuals will not be considered, and an eligible organization can apply for only one project per year
- Korea-based organizations are not eligible for program support

Eligible Projects

- Performing arts events related to Korea’s music, dance, and theater
- Visual arts exhibitions that feature Korea-related paintings, calligraphy, sculpture, photography, ceramics, installation and/or media art
- Lectures, workshops, and seminars on the performing/visual arts of Korea
- Projects to introduce Korean arts and culture using film, video, and recordings
- Comprehensive projects related to above genres

Deadline for applications: 31 August 2017


2018-20 Support for Overseas Museums

The Korea Foundation (KF) provides support for overseas museums so that they can implement Korea-related exhibitions, public outreach programs on Korean arts and culture, one-day Korean culture events in conjunction with a special exhibition, and a Visiting Curator Program, for the purpose of making Korean arts and culture more accessible to people around the world.

Eligible Applicants

1. Overseas museums that propose to present a special exhibition and/or public outreach activities related to Korean arts and culture.

2. Overseas museums with a suitable collection of Korean artifacts/artworks (applicable to the Visiting Curator Program)

Eligible Projects

Following projects that are scheduled for implementation during the period of January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2020.

1. Korea-related Exhibitions

* The exhibition, planned and organized by the applicant museum for touring to one or more venues in addition to the premises of the museum, is also eligible for the support.

2. Public Outreach Programs on Korean Arts and Culture: Seminar or workshop events related to Korean arts and culture, publication of educational materials, and special lectures

3. Korea Day Events: One-day events that offer a diverse array of Korea-related activities in conjunction with the presentation of a special exhibition and/or the museum's Korean collection.

4. Visiting Curator Program: KF arranges for the dispatch of a visiting Korean art curator to museums for an assignment period of up to one year, for the purpose of enhancing the management of Korean galleries at overseas museums.

Deadline for applications: 31 August 2017