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25 Feb 2013

KIT Culture for Development Directory


The KIT Information Portal Culture for Development Directory from the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) of the Netherlands provides an extensive online directory with links to organisations, e-publications and other electronic information sources in the Culture for Development field.

The focus is on tangible and intangible heritage through museums and the performing arts in or in relation to developing countries. It includes themes such as cultural partnerships between north and south, museum development in developing countries, cultural emergency response, theatre exchanges, performing arts and theatre for development. Furthermore, also resources on national, regional and global cultural policies are selected since they may provide background information on these themes.

The target audience is formed by the global community of professionals, including researchers, policy-makers, cultural activists, and students involved in international museum and theatre development and cultural exchange. We especially want to provide relevant information to professionals in developing countries.

The idea for a portal on Culture for Development originated with the Tropenmuseum and Tropentheater in Amsterdam as a result of their activities in the area of International Cooperation. The portal is managed and developed by KIT Information and Library Services.