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05 Jul 2011

Kibla - Association for Culture and Education - Multimedia Centre

Kibla is the first presentation and production institution in Slovenia dealing with multimedia and intermedia art and a yearlong cultural programme. It incorporates pure classical (»excluded«) media in a different context- to support historical continuity of visual art and a bigger aesthetization and integration of electronic media. Kibla supports principles that lead to complex systems of multimedia presentation. Kibla also produces respectively coproduces cultural artistic projects and publishes presentation materials.

Since the beginning Kibla is in the process of intermedialization and digitalization of culture and art. It intensively encourages experimental and specific projects in the intermedia field, introduce creative and practical use of sophisticated technologies in the cultural field whose final (an at the same time utopian) goal is a functional support of working nets that digitalize, present and decentralize cultural Slovenia and Europe.

The Multimedia Centres Network of Slovenia (M3C), which was established in 2004 and is a basic fundament for regionally developed Slovenia. Kibla presents, distributes and promotes M3C contents in the sixteen multimedia centres in different regions. It operates on the field of visual and intermedia Slavic culture and art (being also companions of the Slavic Culture Forum).

Kibla programmes:

  • Cyber offers a free internet access and free courses about the use of internet  through website structures, programme and hardware equipment, together with audio and projectional infrastructure for musical, online, video and other presentations.

  • SRCe – Student Resource Centre offers information about study possibilities, national and foreign scholarship foundations, publications and mediates requests with the help of the large database on the internet. SRCe is incorporated into the Slovenian Resource Network.

  • KiBela, space for visual and intermedia art; ambiental presentations of contemporary multimedia art,  KiBela is also a multipurpose place suitable for seminars, presentations, lectures, round tables, press conferences and rich cultural programme.

  • Hidden Notes (Skrite note) - is a musical programme that introduces electroacoustic music, concerts, projections, lectures, workshops …

  • IT@K – IT at Kibla –informational technology as a social event

  • Graphic studio for the making of printed material, CGP…

  • Online and multimedia lab for the execution of websites, CD-roms,  video, audio,  internet  transmissions in real time life, etc.

  • Videla – digital video processing, educations, courses, presentations and workshops.

  • Za:misel (For:thought) bookstore for sociology and humanistic studies with regular programme of book presentations and literary evenings; with a reading room equipted with national and foreign literature, newspapers and periodics.

  • Mimogrede (By The Way) –  bimonthly with informations about studying abroad and in Slovenia.

  • LED display for all information about MMC KIBLA and programmes;

  • TOX magazine – time-table through 3000, magazine (from 1995) that grew into the KIBLA publishing edition (from 1998), made several catalogues and books.

Communication-information point KIT in Maribor City Hall (Rotovž), Glavni trg 14, where thera are eight computer terminals and a multimedia classroom with ten computers and additional IT equipment.