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05 Jul 2011

Multimedia Center MMC KIBLA

KIBLA is a national and international non-governmental institution in the segmented field of creative industries, interdisciplinary, intermedia and multimedia art, visual arts, AV, music, culture and informal education. It is an institution that presents, organises, produces, co-produces, documents and archives cultural-artistic projects, as well as electronic and printed publications in the TOX series (since 1995) and FOLIO magazine (since 2009). 

The Multimedia Center MMC KIBLA was founded in 1996, and has been operating since 1998 as the Association for culture and education ACE KIBLA. Since its founding, the institution, with its 3 locations, developed into a pivotal happening point of the city, the region, the country, and wider, as a place of contemporary arts and culture, informal education, creative use of the emerging ICT and interdisciplinary practices. In 2002, the Information and Communication Point KIT was established (since 2014 with a changed purpose as ARTKIT), located on Glavni Trg Square 14 in the historical Town Hall, and in 2012, KIBLA PORTAL was launched as an exhibition venue at the old industrial hall, measuring over 2.000m².      

At the MMC KIBLA, ARTKIT and KIBLA PORTAL visitors can check out exhibitions, musical, AV and other forms of artistic performances, attend literary evenings, discussions, contemporary art, music and literary festivals and their interdisciplinary variants, or get in touch with the current issues and problematic in the fields of culture, humanism, modern technologies and informal educational activities. 

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