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11 Sep 2019

Kinosaki International Arts Center

Kinosaki International Arts Center (KIAC) is an Artist-in-Residence center  focused on performing arts. The center has a main hall, six studios, and seven residences. It offers residencies and facilities for artists who wish to concentrate on their creative activities as well as to present their works.

KIAC is situated in Kinosaki, one of the main hot spring towns in Japan. Historically Kinosaki has hosted and celebrated writers and artists, and many works have been put out into the world. To carry over the tradition into the future, the center offers an Artist-in-Residence program for artists and companies selected twice a year from among applicants.

Artists can stay at the center for a minimum of three days and for a maximum of three months, with no facility charges and accommodation fees. The facilities are available for 24 hours a day. The center supports both creative activities for and presentation of new works in Kinosaki. KIAC also aims at sharing artistic experiences with local residents and tourists through workshops, trial performances, and “Meet the Artist” events and making an environment where people meet and find new perspectives of the world.

From a beautiful countryside scenery with storks wheeling above swamps and rice paddies to such tastes of Japan as Tajima (Kobe) beef and crabs, Kinosaki is full of local attractions. One of the missions of KIAC is to support creative and promising artists" international coproductions in partnership with theaters and art festivals at home and abroad. Just as Kinosaki is a stronghold of storks which migrate across the continents, the center aims at becoming an international hub of artists and works of performing arts.