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09 Sep 2019

Kaleidoscope Studio

Kaleidoscope Studio ( was founded in 2014, originally as an art space dedicated to nurturing the art and music scene in Brunei. In 2018, pivoted to offer art and graphic design services as well as event management. It was at this time that also became involved in advocacy work for environmental causes. became known for being a catalyst for the local art scene and for their high quality graphics and awareness and fund raising campaigns.

Over the years Kaleidoscope has initiated events such as Contemporary Art Exhibits, Kaleidoscope Acoustic Sessions, Open Mics, Creative Insight sessions and more. 

At present, their latest evolution involves the expansion of their services to include art direction, branding and visual identity creation as well as online event management. They utilise all their skills and experience gained in the past 7 years to offer clients intentional services to support their business goals.