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09 Oct 2012 - 31 Oct 2012

Design It Yourself 2012 | Optimis(tac)tic

Design It Yourself is a design festival-conference featuring various events—talk shows, film screenings, exhibitions, and workshops—focusing on design as problem-solving strategies and tactics, ranging from the big grand design to the practice of everyday life. It aims to provide an interactive platform for the myriad of creative talents and to create the occasion to showcase the diversity of designers in Surabaya. A centerpiece of the Festival is the DIY Talks, organized with the support of prestigious partners and creative spaces, where various designers share their tactics—in facing their everyday life, and in tackling their work projects. Another is DIY Screening of three new, award-winning design documentaries: Design & Thinking, Design the New Business, and Press Pause Play.  The programme also offers art exhibition, workshop and picnic meet-ups. First held in 2011, Design It Yourself invite various parties, from emerging practices, established businesses, and academics related to design, particularly in Surabaya, to share their stories, ideas and inspirations, about their own situations and conditions. Various design disciplines are involved, from design in general, graphic design, design business and management, fashion, digital media, comic, urban art, and urban planning are discussed in one casual talk and presentation series. If last year the focus was placed on knowledge production by mapping the local scenes and problems, this year the emphasis is on optimizing the potentials of design, how design can impact on the world, today and in the future. The aim is to inspire positive new directions for the sector. All events are free of charge. Download press release General enquiries Kathleen Azali ( Email: | Ph: 0858 5472 5932 | Twitter : @c2o_library ) Media enquiries Anitha Silvia ( Email: | Ph: 0856 4543 8964 | Twitter: @anithasilvia ) Presenting your Optimis(tac)tic ideas Hestia Istviani ( Email: | Ph: 0838 5603 0245 | Twitter: @hzboy )