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28 Jun 2011

University Sains Malaysia School of Art

The School of Arts offers undergraduate programs in Communication Graphics, New Media Design and Technology, Product Design, Fine Art, Drama & Theatre, and Music. Each of these highly individual professional degree programmes shares certain important characteristics that reflect the University Sains Malaysia, School of Arts unique approach to the education of artists. Identifying which higher institution learning will prepare an aspiring artist to meet the demands and challenges that await tomorrow's professionals can be a difficult task.

The School of Arts has two major galleries and one exhibition hall: Adiwarna Gallery, Gallery of Cultural, Invention and Innovation, Pesiban Exhibition Hall (Balai Pesiban Agung).

These galleries and exhibition halls provide special curatorial and exhibition opportunities for students and artists. The Fine Arts Visiting Artist Programme exposes students to contemporary art and internationally renowned artists from abroad, in order to enable art discourse and criticism between aspiring students and established artists.