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06 Sep 2010

India Habitat Centre

India Habitat Centre (IHC) was conceived to provide a physical environment, which would serve as a catalyst for a synergetic relationship between individuals and institutions working in diverse habitat-related areas and would therefore maximise their total effectiveness. To facilitate this interaction, the Centre provides a range of facilities.

IHC aims to bring a holistic approach to problem solving in areas of environmental and regional planning, energy efficiency, appropriate technology options, transport and communication, lifestyle choices, socio-cultural linkages and information technology.

The Habitat Library & Resource Centre (HLRC) is the intellectual hub of the India Habitat Centre. The niche collections – Delhi Documenta collating the different dimensions of Delhi, Joseph Stein Alcove bringing together the material on architecture and design, the Institutions Section showcasing the work of the different institutions in IHC, the growing Translations and Award-Winning Books Sections – all add value to the collection of information resources in the HLRC.

Visual Art Gallery of the India Habitat Centre has come a long way since its inception in 2000. The Visual Arts Gallery has been a hub of uninterrupted art activity spanning different genres, and crossing many a boundaries. From the visual art to seminars, and now traversing the path of the digital world, the Visual Arts Gallery has a finger on the pulse of contemporary art trends leading to a sharing and union of energies and ideas.