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25 Nov 2018

ICOM Croatia

ICOM Hrvatska – ICOM Croatia (or The Croatian National Committee of ICOM), is a forum for museum professionals, being an open and democratic approach to museum professionalism whilst taking care to inform its members about the activities of the International Council of Museums, and providing assistance in the area of museum work.

The purpose and activities of the Croatian National Committee of ICOM are to promote and represent the interests of members, museums and museum activities in Croatia and in particular: 

  • organize meetings of experts and ICOM’s committees whose work is in the interests of museum activities in Croatia,
  • support all forms of professional development, international exchanges and visits of museum professionals,
  • achieve the objectives and tasks of the National Committee under Article 2 of statutes,
  • support and promote the goals and recommendations of ICOM among museum professionals and museums in the Republic of Croatia,
  • support publishing programs
  • encourage museum professionals and museums in the Croatia to become members of ICOM,
  • cooperate with international and national committees as well as other international museum organizations.