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05 Jul 2011

Hong Kong Cultural Center (HKCC)

The Hong Kong Cultural Center (HKCC) premier performing arts venue of Hong Kong. The building has three major performing halls, an exhibition gallery and four foyer exhibition areas, eleven rehearsal and practice rooms and two conference rooms. The HKCC's site contains illustrated sections on each of the facilities. Forms for booking are available for download here.

The building of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre has signified the beginning of an artistic link to the world. The Centre, covering 5.2 hectares and offering 82,231m² gross floor area, commands a prime waterfront position. Since its grand opening on 8 November 1989, the Centre has remained the premier cultural venue offering stimulating environment for arts talents and quality programmes to the public, and has since been witnessing the development of the arts in Hong Kong.

To cater for performing arts of all variety, the Centre is designed to house three major performing halls, namely the Concert Hall, the Grand Theatre and the Studio Theatre. There is also an Exhibition Gallery and four foyer exhibition areas. Other ancillary facilities include eleven rehearsal and practice rooms and two conference rooms.