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15 May 2011

Hellenic Audiovisual Institute (I.O.M.)

The Hellenic Audiovisual Institute is the national applied research organisation in the field of audiovisual communication in Greece, established in 1994. IOM is a legal entity of Private Law, supervised by the General Secretariat of Communication. IOM is thoroughly engaged in carrying out methodical research-projects concerning, mainly, the audiovisual media: Radio, Television, Cinema, Multimedia and New Technologies.

The Institute's research work has so far covered a wide spectrum of subjects, such as the Greek Media's financial trends, the political advertising campaigns during elections at both national and European level for the past decade, the bibliography on the broader area of Communication, the research on the Greek Audiovisual Sector, etc. With reference to the important issue "Media and Children", IOM, in the "3rd World Summit on Media for Children" in Thessaloniki (2001) has taken the initiative for the realisation of the International Declaration "Media and Children, Commitment for the Future". Furthermore, the Institute has organised events as "The protection of minors in broadcast media", "The future of the Greek audiovisual production for children" and also cooperates with NORDICOM for the publication of relevant books, such as the "Outlooks on Children and Media".