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15 May 2011

Youth Plan

The Creative Group for the Development of Young People’s Audiovisual Communication and Expression “Youth Plan” (Neaniko Plano) is a non-profit organization setting out in the field of culture and more specifically in the audiovisual sector.

It is the only organization in Greece having as an object Cinema for Children and Young People and is a member of international organizations concerning Cinema and Cinematographic Education, such as ECFA (European Children's Film Association), CIFEJ (Centre International du Film pour l'Enfance et la Jeunesse) and others.

It has a strong presence in international organizations and its president and artistic director of the Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People Dimitris Spyrou is a member of the board of directors of ECFA.

Youth Plan has a constant collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and all the organizations of the audiovisual field and education, such as the General Secretariat of Communication and Information, the General Secretariat of Youth, the Greek Film Centre, the Hellenic Audiovisual Institute, the Media Desk Hellas etc., with whom it carries out a number of projects. Its initiatives are also supported by ERT (sponsor and communication sponsor), the National Book Centre, Patakis Publications, Aigokeros Publications and others.. Especially for Olympia International Film Festival, organized every year since 1997 in Pyrgos and other cities of the Prefecture of Ilia, it collaborates with the Prefecture of Ilia, the Local Union of Municipalities of Ilia, the Municipality of Pyrgos, Iliaki S.A. and local communities, municipalities and organizations.


1. Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People, for the development of quality films aimed at children and young people in Greece.

2. Camera Zizanio (European Meeting of Audiovisual Creation for Children and Young People), for the creative expression of young people in Greece and Europe through modern audiovisual technology.

3. Ciné Philip (Athens, Amerikis Square). A cinema hall of art in the centre of Athens that is open everyday screening films for children and young people.

4. Film Archive for Children and Young People. Educational screenings mostly for students of primary and secondary with films of high aesthetics and quality.

5. School Cinema. Educational programs, seminars, film workshops and other activities for pupils and students and teachers and professors.

6. Neaniko Plano / Subtitles. Film subtitling and translation for the support of its activities as well as for the support of other festivals or similar events organized throughout Greece.

7. Publications. Books and leaflets about history, theory, aesthetics and technique of cinema and cinematographic education.

Moreover, every year it organizes numerous events (cinema retrospectives, exhibitions, plays, concerts etc.) aiming to contribute to the establishment of conditions for the development in Greece of programs promoting aesthetic refinement, cultural education and creative expression of young people.

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