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03 Jul 2011

Hangaram Design Museum (Seoul Arts Center)

Hangaram Design Museum shows innovative contemporary exhibitions in 3 galleries as the firstly founded design museum in Korea. The Hangaram Design Museum offers general information of its facilities and exhibitions. In addition, educational articles, published books, materials of symposium, and collection can be accessed for free.

Hangaram Design Museum is the place where data and information on various genres of arts are incorporated and dispersed. The 11,698m2 space leads and activates the exchange of arts and cultural programmes with other countries in the information era. Frequented by artists, scholars and ordinary citizens, its public reading room on the second floor and a printing room and an audio visual material room on the third floor always welcome anyone interested in and curious about any artistic subject.

Hangaram Design Museum is an exclusive space for design exhibitions, in search of various aspects of design cultures in and out of the country, under the motto of seeking "Korean design identity".