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15 May 2011

Haanasari - The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre

The Hanasaari Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre promotes and develops interaction between Finland and Sweden, as well as co-operation in all areas of society. Their offering covers event organisation, courses, seminars and projects, and they investigate development needs and put forth initiatives for the enhancement of collaboration between these two countries.

Hanasaari's mission is determined in a bilateral treaty between the two countries: To increase and develop cooperation between Sweden and Finland. For this reason, the programme activities actively bring together people, organizations, authorities and companies. Personal connections are the best guarantee of well-functioning cooperation.

Since the mission is in principle boundless, Haanasari continuously evaluate which projects are auspicious with regard to cooperation at any given time. Below are some topical focus areas:

  • Svenska nu network provides Finnish-speaking young people with encounters with the Swedish language and culture. The Network combines language teaching with other subjects and promotes language learning through cultural and activity-based experiences. The project covers the whole of Finland. The Network is administered from Hanasaari. More information about the activities is available here

  • Higher education cooperation promotes the dialogue between Finland and Sweden on topical issues in higher education and provides a networking opportunity for universities and individual fields of education. Key themes include internationalization and social interaction of higher education institutions.

  • The Children and young people's well-being programme package discusses how Finland and Sweden should look after the well-being of children and young people. Discussion topics vary from youth unemployment to honour-related violence and countries have a great deal to learn from each other.

  • Tandem Leadership is a networking programme for young people who have proved their talent in working life to which talented individuals from the fields of business, culture, NGOs and politics are selected both from Finland and Sweden. The aim is to create permanent ties between the countries through meetings.

  • Freedom of speech as a concept in recent years has gone through an enormous revolution. New forms of media and the concurrent change in the behaviour of the general public are evident in the development of the press, communications policies and technology. The Speaking Is Silver project gathers researchers, journalists and decision-makers to share their experiences and knowledge.

  • The significance of culture and cultural policy is increasing. The intrinsic value of art and social utilisation of culture go hand in hand. Culture and connections between artists play a key role in Hanasaari's programme.

The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, legal principal of Hanasaari, participates in the building of our activities based on its own strategy. The foundation and Hanasaari have several joint programme projects. Indeed, Hanasaari can be called the operative party of the foundation.

Hanasaari works to promote co-operation between Finland and Sweden in the fields of culture, society and business. Hanasaari's strategy defines four focus areas of programme activities in which Hanasaari will especially invest:

  • creation of a sustainable network of new stakeholders in Finnish-Swedish co-operation

  • promotion of Finnish-Swedish information exchanges in the fields of education, research and teaching

  • activation of cultural sector contacts, dialogue and co-operation in Finland and Sweden

  • and raising of future-focused issues in the spheres of well-being and social development.

Hanasaari is an independent operator administered by the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation.