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26 May 2011

Swedish Institute (SI)

The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public agency that promotes interest and confidence in Sweden around the world. SI seeks to establish cooperation and lasting relations with other countries through strategic communication and exchange in the fields of culture, education, science and business. SI also supports Swedish language instruction at foreign universities. SI works closely with Swedish embassies and consulates around the world. Cultural diplomacy is considered an highly effective component in the Swedish approach to public diplomacy.

Few Swedish agencies have such a comprehensive range of activities in pursuit of Sweden’s commitments in the world – and in promoting development both in Sweden and in its partner countries – as the Swedish Institute (SI). In 2010, SI undertook or helped finance exchanges in 124 countries, while also engaging in informational activities that reached more than 220 countries. To a great extent, therefore, SI regards itself as Sweden’s globalization agency. Not least because SI:

  • promotes Sweden’s international position and enhance its prospects by

  1. making the world more aware of our country and inspiring confidence and interest in us,

  2. establishing ties and networks with key figures in a wide range of fields,

  3. paving the way for new partnerships, exchanges and trade with the outside world,

  • fosters creativity, innovation and development both in Sweden and in partner countries by encouraging exchanges of knowledge and know-how, inspiration and talent,

  • facilitates cooperation, democracy and sustainable global development by

  1. encouraging progress towards human rights, freedom of expression and gender equality,

  2. raising awareness and boosting capacity in the fields of sustainability, climate and environment,

  3. supporting partner countries’ economic, social and cultural development, as part of Sweden’s development cooperation effort,

  • helps to reduce tension and the risk of conflict by encouraging knowledge-sharing, dialogue and understanding between people both in Sweden and in other countries.

The Swedish Institute runs its operations within the framework of public diplomacy – understanding, informing, influencing and developing relations with people in other countries. The intention is to increase awareness about Sweden and create a positive environment through strategic communication and relationship-building activities in order to achieve Swedish economic, political and cultural objectives.

The website provides information on the goals and objectives of the SI: details of funding and scholarships, current events and programmes, and language studies.

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