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19 Jul 2017

Gyeonggi Creation Center

Located at Ansan city in Gyeonggi province, adjacent to Seoul, the center is run by Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, a subsidiary of Gyeonggi Provincial Government. It is the largest artist residence facility in Korea. The Centre's goal is to create a space where free imagination and creativity come true. They value the time and space of art that freely imagines, freely experiments, and newly creates. 

The Artist Residency at the Gyeonggi Creation Center is a space for domestic and foreign artists and related researchers engaged in visual arts, performing arts, and creative activities. During the residency period, the Gyeonggi Creation Center provides various creative support programmes such as mentoring, lectures, and workshops to support more active creative and research activities. Residency artists are selected through open recruitment, invitation, institutional cooperation, or exchange, and the residency period also varies from 3 months to 2 years.