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29 May 2011

Asociatia Pentru Promovarea Filmului Romanesc (Apfr)

Asociatia pentru Promovarea Filmului Romanesc (APFR)
Association for the Promotion of Romanian Films

The main activity of APFR is the promotion of the Romanian films abroad, to promote awareness of Romanian film-making at an international level within the circle of professionals as well as of a wide public. APFR's endeavor is to help presenting the contemporary Romanian film production at as many festivals and events as possible.

Acting both as an information clearing house and as a facilitating agency for export purposes, the APFR can be responsible for commercial promotion and exploitation of Romanian productions and maintains ongoing contacts with festival directors, sales agents, buyers and distributors, as well as the press, concerning new Romanian productions.

Offering a wide variety of services at the domestic and international level, the APFR consults with producers and creative artists attending international festivals and markets and supports their activities.

APFR is not a government body although it is encouraged by Center National for Cinematography. It is a non-profit organization, resulting from an agreement among all private and public bodies operating on behalf of the Romanian cinema on the foreign market.