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21 Dec 2023

European Writing Centers Association

The European Writing Centers Association (EWCA) was founded in 1998 in an effort by Anna Challenger (The American College of Thessaloniki, Greece) and Tracy Santa (The American University in Bulgaria) to integrate universities in Europe into a framework for exchanging ideas and establishing an infrastructure for Writing Center goals and objectives.

EWCA is a regional affiliate of the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA). EWCA’s mission is to solicit engagement with institutions and individuals interested in the interactive and collaborative work of Writing Centers everywhere.

EWCA strives to connect all those interested and involved in Writing Center pedagogy, theory and practice: teachers, researchers, administrators, tutors and peer tutors. The goals and mission include:

  • Linking Writing Center practitioners through biennial retreats and conferences, publications, the EWCA list and website and other means
  • Advancing the significance of Writing Centers in Europe and beyond, encouraging institutions and administrators of the value of Writing Centers
  • Promoting European scholarship in the field of Writing Center theory by collaborating on shared research projects
  • Offering exchange experiences among peer tutors throughout Europe and internationally
  • Supporting the development, expansion and sustainability of peer tutoring

To realise these aims, EWCA holds a biennial conference at one of the Board members’ European universities to which all EWCA members and those interested and involved in Writing Centers are welcome to attend.