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19 Feb 2019

Ethnictro | Sound artist residency

Ethnictro is an artist-in-residence programme intended to be a mutually-beneficial arrangement where artists have the chance to explore their works and local students/community have access to the artists.
Residencies are offered in the areas of sound art and music for an artist, musician, educator, etc. In addition, media are offered on an as-requested basis. There are no restrictions in terms of gender, age or nationality. All artists are welcome, both national and international artists, as well as emerging artists from all disciplines for individuals or groups. The programme offers both live-in and non-live-in residencies for contracts lasting 1 and 3 months with no registration fee. Moreover, Ethnictro organises workshops, public talks, open studio visits, exhibitions. Artists are responsible for their own travels to and from Ethnictro, per diem, food, visa expenses, insurance, and materials expenses.
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