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10 Feb 2017

Jersey (Channel Islands) | The Morning Boat residency call



The morning boat is an international artist residency on the island of Jersey that aims to generate a reflective and meaningful discourse on critical issues and real life practices that are central to the island’s economy, social fabric and way of life. Activities focus on local industries that are often referred to as the foundations of the island economy – Agriculture, finance and tourism – and their impact on people’s lives.

Artists will be invited to Jersey whose work is thought provoking, unforgettable, accessible to its audience and sensitive to the context in which it is presented. Projects will be developed specifically for the island of Jersey, responding to its unique character and narrative. Work will take place in public spaces and every-day working environments, in collaboration with the local community.

The morning boat is a multi-disciplinary programme. Among others, we welcome proposals from architects, film makers, theater practitioners, puppeteers, choreographers, robotic engineers, writers, sculptors, sound artists, musicians, textile designers, food artists, interdisciplinary collectives and undefinable practices. A specialism in public art practices (either as ‘interventions’ or as live programmed events) may be helpful, but is not essential.

In short, we are looking for:

  • Artists whose work excites us (and artists who are excited by The morning boat).

  • Artists whose work, personality and methodology feels suitable to the local contexts within which they will be working.

  • Artists able and willing to develop exciting new work within a limited period of time.

  • Artists with a provocative idea for engaging with the island of Jersey and those who live here, or an interesting focus for research, or a vision for an exciting project that might be presented on the island.


Artists will receive an artist fee of between 1800 and 2000 pounds for a period of approximately four weeks in Jersey. Travel expenses will be reimbursed and accommodation will be provided. A small production budget will be available for materials and a network of partners are standing by to provide additional material and logistical support. The curatorial team will assist you throughout the residency, but a level of autonomy is desirable.

Should additional funds be available, longer periods of research and production can be negotiated. If preferred, the residency can be split into two shorter visits.

Artists working collaboratively or with children are free to apply and should include this information in their application.

Accommodation will vary depending on the time of year you visit Jersey and your individual needs. Most options available to us include cooking facilities. We will ensure that you are kept comfortable during your stay!

Artists may be asked to engage with local, national and international radio, television, newspapers, online platforms and specialist publications. There will also be opportunities to present your project or practice to community groups and educational institutions. Projects will be featured on a dedicated website, linked to local partners and a social media profile.

Projects will be documented in a variety of appropriate mediums. Documentation will be provided to the artists to use as they wish.

Deadline for applications: 10 February 2017