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03 Sep 2010

Estonian Artists' Association

The Estonian Artists' Association (EAA) is the legal successor of the Soviet Estonian Artists' Association established in 1943 and is an umbrella-organisation uniting 19 professional unions of artists and art historians. Most of the members of the EAA have graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts.

The main goals of the Association are to promote and enhance art culture in Estonia; to support the members of the EAA and to create good working and exhibition conditions for them. The Estonian Artists Association is the mediator within the fields related to art and artists and protects the rights of its members as well as the association as a whole.

The EAA organises a residency in Tallinn. The guest studio is available for artists from abroad and our guests since 1998. It is situated on the top floor of Tallinn Art Hall that was built in 1934. The building, located close to the Old Town, is the centre of the Estonian art life. In addition to the Tallinn Art Hall, the building contains several artists' studios, the office of the Estonian Artists' Association, Estonian Center for Contemporary Arts, the shop selling art materials, art galleries, and more. 

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