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22 Jul 2019

Kai Art Center

Kai Art Center, a major cultural hub for local and international art, is located in a renovated industrial heritage site on the shores of Tallinn Bay, Estonia.

Visitors encounter thought-provoking exhibitions, art, and cinema, 4 cafés and restaurants, a joint office for cultural organisations, and various venues for hosting events both in Kai’s interior spaces and outdoor sea view areas.

Kai Art Center aims to create an experience-filled cultural quarter that brings the contemporary art experience even closer to the public. Kai brings together artists, art and culture professionals, guests, and aficionados. The Centre considers it important to promote Estonian contemporary art both at home and abroad, and it creates ways to expand Estonian artists’ horizons by providing working and exhibition space as well as through international artist-in-residence programmes.

Part of Kai Art Center's programming is the Kai Residency, a research-based international residency programme which annually provides the opportunity for 12 visual artists, curators and writers to live and work in Tallinn while being immersed in the city’s dynamic art scene. The Kai Residency aims to support innovative practices, develop global networks, and engage the local art community in Estonia.

Kai Art Center was founded by the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECADC), a nonprofit contemporary art organisation that supports contemporary Estonian art and helps to make it more internationally visible