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09 May 2011


Estinfilm is Estonian film production and distribution company. Founded in 1998. Its main fields of action are also offering services to Estonian and foreign film groups and film distribution, especially European art-house films in Estonia. Some of the films produced are:

The Firewater” 1994
All My Lenins” 1997 (co-prod. Estonia-Finland-Russia)
"Georgica" 1998
The Heart of The Bear” 2001 (co-prod. with Germany, Check, Russia), nominated in European Film Academy 2001, Best director of photography.
Buratino 2009 (co-prod. With Russia)

Among the films for which Estinfilm became distributor in Estonia are:

“Good bye, Lenin”,” The Magdalene Sisters”, “Kopps”, “Coffee and Cigarettes”,” 2046”,”Aviator”, “House of Flying Daggers”, “Eastern Promise”s and “Antichrist”.

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