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25 Nov 2018

Drugo More

Drugo More / Other Sea is a non-profit organisation in the field of culture established in 1999. It identifies and explores topics of social relevance and general interest to the community. By working locally, regionally, internationally and interdisciplinary, Drugo More connects an artistic programme with discourses in science and cultural theory. The creation and facilitation of exchange between local and international artists, students and the audience is at the core of the organisation's activities, which include the production of visual and performing arts, research in the field of culture and the organisation of participatory and educational events such as conferences and seminars.

The programs are focused on the contemporary art scene, both international and Croatian. Roundtables and educational programs in the form of workshops, lectures and practical work offer young people the opportunity to gain organisational and management skills in the independent cultural scene. An important segment of local community activity also refers to activities that are trying to stabilize and strengthen the context in which Drugo More works, through the development of platforms and networks that can empower and contribute to the development of fragile independent cultural sectors.

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