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06 Sep 2010

Department Of Museums Malaysia (Jabatan Muzium Malaysia)

The Department of Museums Malaysia (JMM) is responsible for preserving, conserving and disseminating knowledge about the country’s historical, cultural and natural heritage in order to create awareness among the people of the country’s rich heritage of history, multiracial cultures and natural environment to create a harmonious society with high moral standard and to assist the government in promoting and developing the tourism industry.


The Department of Museums maintains various collections for the purposes of conservation, research and education on the diversity of artefacts and significant specimens found in this country.

The collections of the Department of Museums encompass:

  1. Archaeological Collection

  2. Ethnological Collection

  3. Natural History Collection

The Conservation Centre of the Department of Museums is responsible for ensuring that the department’s collections are in good condition and preserved. This objective is realised through research and conservation of artefacts.

Research is one of the core services for the Department of Museums Malaysia (JMM), which plays an important role towards achieving the objectives of JMM to preserve, maintain and disseminate knowledge about our heritage. Research conducted in JMM are historical research, culture, nature, exhibitions and collections.

There are 3 types of research conducted in the JMM and using the services in JMM:

  1. research conducted by JMM’s staff

  2. research carried out in collaboration with external parties

  3. research conducted by outside parties for the JMM.

The Division of Research serves to strengthen and expand the research, documentation and publication of the Department of Museums Malaysia to uphold function as a disseminator of knowledge in the field of exhibitions, collections, history, culture and nature of the country.

Exhibition is the core of the Department of Museums Malaysia. Exhibition is classified into Permanent Exhibition, Temporary Exhibition, Special Exhibition and Mobile Exhibition (outreach in history, culture, heritage and the natural history). Museum Services Division is a key driving force in shaping or implementing an exhibition.