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06 Sep 2010

The Daesan Foundation

The Daesan Foundation has been established under the auspices of the Kyobo Life Insurance Company with the aim of fostering Korea's national culture and globalizing Korean literature, in accordance with the wishes of its founder, Daesan, SHIN Yong-Ho.

The Daesan Foundation is engaged in projects of public interest, including the Daesan Literary Awards, the Daesan Creative Writing Funds, the Daesan Literary Awards for College Students, Grants for the Translation of Korean Literature and World Classics, Grants for Korean Literature Studies Overseas, International Literary Exchanges, the Daesan Literary Awards for Young Writers, the National Youth Drama Festival, various planning activities, and other projects for cultural development.

The Daesan Foundation's website is operated by the Daesan Foundation and targeted at the interested local and foreign public, with its coverage of both traditional and contemporary literature, research, publication, and distribution of works - all of which contribute to the development of the nation's culture. The website contains application forms, funding procedure guidelines and funding records as well as events notice. This resource is viewable in Korean and English with information in Korean being most abundant.