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18 Aug 2016

Culture Monks

Culture Monks (formerly called The Arshinagar Project) is a an interdisciplinary, cross cultural platform of artists, academicians and professionals, with diverse interest, practices, converging the intersection of art, culture and sustainability.

Culture Monks are committed to aesthetics, excellence in theatre and interdisciplinary art practices. They are also strongly motivated to address the issue of sustainability. They are committed in forging new paradigms in the way art is produced, perceived and consumed. They do this through research and experimentation. The intrinsic value of work is of utmost importance and the honesty which artists bring into the work and the satisfaction they derive out of it is a non negotiable element in their productions and practices.

They are a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary group of people who value diversity and experimentation, with the idea of creating a better understanding of each other, the differences and possibilities and leading the way for new acts of creation, which reflect the contemporary truth of each other’s existence.

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