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01 Dec 2020

Slovenia | RUK interdisciplinary artist residencies call

RUK is a network of art and culture research centres at the intersection of contemporary technologies, science, and the economy. In this interdisciplinary hub, innovative products and services for the humane technology of the future are being developed.

Artists and creators with experience in interdisciplinary practice are invited to apply for RUK residency programme, aimed at artists who see collaboration, a multidisciplinary approach and experimentation as a great way to work; who want to test their artistic approach in a business environment; and who want to help advance the humanisation of technology.

RUK's goal is the integration of art and culture in scientific and technological research, development and innovation, digitalization, entrepreneurship, training, and education with an emphasis on humanities and social sciences, ecology, circular economy, and sustainable development.

Each residency lasts 2-4 weeks, with various dates available from December 2020 to May 2022, and takes place at locations in Trbovlje, Koper and Maribor in Slovenia. Artists will work together with a mentor within a company to explore the potential of that company’s products, projects or processes and to see how their artistic practice can help develop existing potential. The scope and manner of the work is flexible and agreed with each resident individually.

The organisers provide:

  • Artist Fee of 450 € / week.

  • Accommodation.

  • Contribution towards travel costs on an individual basis.

The programme is open to artists and creators with experience in interdisciplinary practice.

Application deadline: December 1, 2020