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22 Oct 2018


CLIMARTE is an organisation and biannual festival that uses the creative power of the arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change. They work with a range of partners, such as arts organisations, creative practitioners, administrators, patrons and academics to present work from across the arts sector (including the visual arts, music, theatre, literature, architecture, and cinema).

CLIMARTE is bringing together a broad alliance of arts organisations, practitioners, administrators, patrons and academics from across the spectrum of the arts sector, including the visual arts, music, theatre, dance, literature, architecture, and cinema. By joining this alliance we acknowledge the enormous risks that human induced climate change poses to our world and we commit to advocating for immediate, effective and creative action to be taken to restore a safe climate, capable of supporting a healthy and sustainable environment.

CLIMARTE’s projects started with a forum Art Climate Ethics: What role for the arts? and found that there was an overwhelming interest in the area. From these initial events the ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE festival was born (the next edition is held in 2019).