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03 Jul 2011

Chiang Mai University Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery

Chiang Mai University's Faculty of Fine Arts was established in 1983 as an institute for teaching art and related fields throughout the northern region. It houses two galleries; the Large Gallery hosts a rotating programme of exhibitions while the Small Gallery is a converted classroom used occasionally for the display of sculpture and installation work.

Faculty of Fine Arts was instituted 25 years ago with its goal as to provide the perfective art and cultural education. FOFA (Faculty of Fine Arts) offers the unique program of its kind in Lanna Region, the Upper Northern area of Thailand. FOFA offers academic studies (Art history, Art in Theory and Art Criticism) and professional training (studio, production, performance) at graduate and undergraduate levels with emphasis on contemporary Art: Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, cultural diversity and community engagement including the integration of the new technologies alongside traditional modes of art theory and practice.

Many of the faculty members maintain international reputations through active research initiatives and participation in academic and professional conferences and publications. They and visiting artists around the world take advantage of our open ground to communicate across disciplines and bring their current experience into the classroom and the studio.