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03 Jul 2011

Chiang Mai University Art Museum

Opened in 1998,The Chiang Mai University Art Museum's objectives are: to be a centre for contemporary art and culture;to serve as a centre for contemporary art and culture ;to serve as a centre for contemporary art and culture exhibitions at a local,national and international level.

The Chiang Mai University Art Museum is an Institute for learning "Contemporary culture" with the aim of four issues, namely:
(1) Aim toward collaborations with artists, cultural, academic organizations, cultural museums, etc. from a variety of groups / branches in the Northern Region as well as Internationally

(2) Promote - creating knowledge and culture, contemporary art, important as a cultural issue is not dead, yet contemporary, in the interest of the people of each group, and also influence the way of life / social life, while being beneficial to society as a whole.

(3) Collection of all these ideas through various media formats, the collection of art objects and objects of cultural significance with the possible precedent of the cultural development of society at different times

(4) Service / distribution activities, Creative works, Media and cultural variations for research. Also, to research issues, such to make the Institute serves as the collateral to "develop the culture of each community."

The Museum serves as the formal institutions of learning throughout people's lives, as a form that is different from a school or Institutions of higher education. The aim is to make the learning a culture of the society itself thorugh the strength and diversity of choice.