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06 Mar 2012

The Caravan | Indian journal of politics and culture


The Caravan is India’s first narrative journalism magazine with a focus on arts, culture, theatre, cinema and music, as well as politics, travel, environment and other topics. It is highly recommended as an informative and enlightening read about contemporary India.

The Caravan is India’s first and only magazine devoted to narrative journalism. Published by Delhi Press, it is a monthly general-interest publication in English of politics, literature, culture and the arts. The Caravan has an exciting mix of long-form reportage, sharp commentary, imaginative photo essays, engaging reviews and the best of new fiction and poetry.

Here's some current arts and culture content:

Literature and Literary Tamashas (by Nakul Krishna) - on the 2012 Jaipur Literature Festival.

Shots in the Dark (by Himanshu Bhagat) - on Dayanita Singh's latest book of photographs and photo-essay techniques.

Word Play (by Trisha Gupta) - on new Indian photomagazine Pix and Asian photomagazine Punctum

and check The Showcase section for selected arts and cultural events in India.

Image:  ©  Dayanita Singh - Page 18-19 of ‘Continuous Cities’.