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19 Apr 2011

Bulgarian National Film Centre (NFC)

Bulgarian National Film Center (NFC) is an Executive Agency under Ministry of Culture implementing the Cinema Industry Law. The main functions of National Film Center are to finance film production, film managing, distribution and exhibition of films, to support the promotion of Bulgarian films in the country and abroad, to keep the register under CIL, to stimulate the development of the film culture.  NFC administers producer’s rights of Bulgarian films, when granted such rights under an act or a contract.

State subsidy is provided for creating scripts for feature films, documentaries and animated films, develop film projects for production and distribution of feature and short films, documentaries and animated films. Subsidies are granted for film projects selected on a competitive basis by an expert National Creative Committee. State grant provides at least 30% of the average budget and more than 80% of the budget of the film.

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