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06 Nov 2014

British Council launches 'Cultural and Creative Industries in Pakistan' report


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Pakistan’s cultural and creative industries can contribute $1.5 billion to the economy; all it needs is a little 'push in the right direction', according to a new report 'Cultural and Creative Industries in Pakistan' published by the British Council.

The report “Cultural and Creative Industries in Pakistan”, prepared in collaboration with University of Leeds, gives a detailed insight into where the industry stands and the avenues of its growth. The report was presented along with panel discussions organised by the Council at an event attended by designers, educationalists, policymakers, and representatives of the corporate sector.

The purpose of the panel was mapped out by Peter Upton, Country Director, British Council Pakistan who said that culture is ‘social glue’ that binds society together and also serves as an ‘economic engine’. He said that there was a growing 'employability' crisis in South Asia which was mainly because of a lack of 21st century skills.

“We met hundred of practitioners and heard their stories. There were some issues that were common in all stories,” Calvin Taylor, a professor from Leeds University, said.

“Ninety-nine per cent of business activity takes place in micro, small and medium sized enterprises. Freelancers are the key people who make creative industries work.”

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The British Council’s Dee Lowry and Abdullah Qureshi summarise the main findings of the report.

Download pdf report Cultural and Creative Industries in Pakistan

Image: Calvin Taylor discussing the findings of the research. — Courtesy Photo