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28 Feb 2012

Bona Museum, Korea

Bona Museum, Seoul Korea     Bona Museum, Seoul Korea The Bona Museum, Seoul, Korea, first opened as a craft arts research institution in 2003, and officially opened as a private museum in 2006. It devotes itself to collect, research, and exhibit cultural assets that carry Korean traditional beauty through the artifact’s form, color, and line. The Bona Museum holds over 15,000 artifacts, dedicated to woman's accessories and various folk arts. It aims to showcase fine works of Korean art to introduce the itnernational audience the refined beauty of Korea. It is to share both the aesthetic sense and the taste of women in the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) and furthermore, introduce these ideas to a young Korean generation who will pass on Korea's cultural heritage to the future generation. The museum's wish is to have the young generation discover their identity through understanding the Korean traditional sense of beauty and contribute to progressive thinking. As the meaning of bona ( ‘bo’ treasure; ‘na’ beautiful in Korean) implies, the Bona Museum will fulfill its duty by displaying Korea's beautiful treasures and to become a place of sharing for the nation's heritage.
ASEMUS is a cross-cultural network of museums of the ASEM member countries. It helps to promote mutual understanding between the people of Asia and Europe. Also, Bona Museum has the same motto as ASEMUS in which to pursue cultural diversity. Bona Museum joined ASEMUS to leverage on ASEMUS to help make more accesible the information and service of the Museum’s collections to the public.
Collection size:  Over 15,000 artifacts Collection: Norigae, Pojagi, Woman’s Accessories, Jewellery from Worldwide