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22 Oct 2018

Boho Interactive

Boho Interactive is a collective of Australian artists, performers and game designers. The collective spreads understanding of scientific concepts – such as complex systems science, Game Theory and Network Theory as well as climate and global change – with the aim of addressing misinformation and the unbalanced scientific discourse in the media. In their work Boho Interactive incorporates techniques from narrative performance, lo- and hi-fi media art, live music and audience-driven theatre.

Boho Interactive presents interactive science-theatre performances for festivals, conferences and symposia both nationally and internationally. They’ve collaborated with organisations such as Miljöverkstan and the Stockholm Resilience Centre in Sweden, with the Earth Observatory at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and with theatre company Coney and NGO Forum for the Future in the UK. They are very lightweight for a performance company and can travel relatively easily.

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