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22 Oct 2020


Belongg is a social venture that promotes diversity and inclusion in cities, societies and organisations by using a community-based approach to provide discrimination-free services to those who face bias due to their identity.

Our core community building efforts revolve around The Belongg Literature Collective, which is focused on bringing carefully curated literature on gender, feminism, sexuality, race, ethnicity, caste, disability, religion, & bias to urban communities across India and globally. As a part of the Collective, Belongg curates periodic book readings , an annual Literature Festival focused on diversity and inclusion, and also a children’s book club focused on inclusive books.

Belongg also runs a network of “Belongg Libraries” which seek to be unique cultural spaces focused on promoting diversity and inclusion and bring together a combination of a local lending library, regular book readings, author events, and even contests all focused on different aspects of diversity and inclusion.