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05 Jul 2021

Europe Readr: 2021 The Future of Living

From 1 July to 31 December 2021, a curated set of European literature entitled “The Future of Living” is available for reading free of charge on the digital Europe Readr platform. There is one literary work from each EU Member State in the original language and the English translation.

Various literary genres – novels, short stories, poetry, comics, and essays – present a wide variety of perspectives and address a global audience. Special attention is paid to the youngest readers with a selection of some of Europe’s most beautiful picture books – silent or taciturn – understandable beyond language barriers. Special material is available to parents and teachers with advice on how to guide children through reading and how to awaken their interest in the environment.

Check out the EVENTS organised in the framework of the Europe Readr - reading and sharing events are organised in libraries, hubs, cultural and other public spaces in Tokyo, Helsinki, London, Thailand, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria ... and more !!

The digital Europe Readr platform brings current social issues to readers around the world. It encourages reflection on the world we want to live in, presenting us with an opportunity to consider the European Union as a community in all its diversity and interconnectedness and as a community with a common future. Numerous accompanying events around the world – from Paris to Helsinki, from Washington to Beijing – encourage the creation of public spaces dedicated to reading and the exchange of ideas on the world of the future. They are organised by the Network of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) in cooperation with a number of local partners around the world. Europe Readr puts into practice the new paradigm of European collaboration in culture, based on dialogue and promoting culture as a driving force of sustainable development and social inclusion.

Image: Bente Olesen Nyström: Hr.Alting