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01 Jul 2011

Bangkok Symphony Orchestra

The Bangkok Symphony Orchestra operates under the auspices of the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Foundation.

The BSO is a non-profit organisation, and is one of the very few symphony orchestras in the world which receives no public funding of any sort, relying entirely on ticket sales and the generosity of sponsors, donors, endowments and other commercial activity for its funding. Each season, the Orchestra performs a broad repertoire of classical music, as well as concerts of more popular music from the Broadway stage, from films and television. Concert programmes also feature Thai classical and contemporary music. The BSO is committed to music education for listeners of all ages. Special concerts are given in schools, university campuses and in major downtown city parks during the cooler winter season.

Several concert-tours for academics or schools, and numerable functions of the instruments master-class by both BSO musician and guests add dynamically busy schedules yet fruitful outcome to this fully professional symphony orchestra of Thailand. Such helps BSO reach out not only in cultivating classical music to the youths and music lovers alike, but also in enticing every community with a unique sound of joy and peace.

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