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09 Sep 2010

Association of Romanian Publishers

The Association of Romanian Publishers (AER) was founded in 1991 and it is the main professional association of Romanian publishing houses, gathering together publishers from all fields of cultural interest.

The goal of the association is to represent and to defend the interests of Romanian publishers before the grand public, legislative institutions, public powers, other organizations and associations, the promotion of real values of Romanian culture and spirituality, by actively participating at the repositioning of the relationship between acts of culture and the public to whom they are addressed.

The mission of the association is to promote Romanian publishing, quality reading and writing, to facilitate readers’ access to books, from both material and informational standpoints, thus making its contribution to the free circulation of ideas, as well as to the integration of Romanian culture and language into the world values circuit.

Starting July 2011, the Association of Romanian Publishers is a member of the European Publishers Federation.

Projects and activities:

  1. Bookfest events, under the patronage of the Romanian Federation of PublishersStarting 2012, the Bookfest brand extended in other cities from Romania next to Bucharest: Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Tîrgu-Mureș. Bookfest is the most important book fest in Romania and the only event of the editorial industry which managed to taka an international dimension and reached the 10th edition in 2015. Over 300 events take place during Bookfest (book launches, debates, concerts, workshops, events for children, interactive events, cinema projections). Each edition has one invited guest country.

  2. Info Book. The project develops an on-line catalogue containing all the edited books and available on the book market in Romania: Books in Print, financed by ERSTE Foundation, Vienna.