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08 May 2015

Asia Pacific PhotoForum

The Asia Pacific PhotoForum (APP) is an international consortium of professional photography festivals which collectively seeks to further the presence of photography across the Asia Pacific region and around the Pacific Rim. It offers a collective medium for artistic expression and dissemination of ideas and information in a globalising world

Founded in 2010 by 6 Australian and New Zealand photography festivals — Auckland, Ballarat, Fotofreo, HeadOn, Queensland and Vivid — the APP member festivals are committed to the sharing of knowledge and cross promotion of artists and ideas in the region

This pioneering new international initiative builds on the universal appeal of the photographic medium across all boundaries and borders and aims to promote and engage the exchange of ideas, values and concepts that support photographers across the Asia Pacific region.

In addition to five photo festivals in Australia and New Zealand, the APP group includes festivals of Pingyao (China), Angkor (Cambodia), Higashikawa (Japan), Chiang Mai (Thailand), Chobi Mela (Bangladesh) and festivals in Latin America.

APP's vision is to promote the exchange of ideas and artists amongst member festivals and nurture the development of photography across the geographical regions of our members by supporting member festivals.