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28 Jan 2016

Artlink special issue | Korea Contemporary art now


Artlink, the quarterly magazine published in Australia that covers contemporary art and ideas from the Asia-Pacific region, presents a special bilingual issue on Korean art.

This bilingual edition on Korean art surveys the response of artists to ultra-rapid modernisation, the north–south division, dissent, gender, performance and the legacies of occupation layered upon timeless cultural traditions. Conceived as an introduction to contemporary Korean art, this edition supports Australia's cultural relationship with Korea, nurtured through residencies and reciprocal exhibitions.
Current Issue - vol 35 no 4 | December 2015


Among the articles:

David Pledger looks at the potential of the arts and culture sector for globalising national economies and contrasts Korean and Australian strategic thinking

  • Video and performance art in Korea: A force majeure - Yoo Jin Sang

    Yoo Jin Sang on the evolving forms of performative practice in contemporary Korean art

  • Are we engaged or just hanging out? Korea-Australia arts exchange - Sarah Bond, feature Sarah Bond on the act of giving and taking as cultural exchange

  • Read the article on The Apro

Many other guides, book reviews, features make an informative resource for  now and the future ...

Artlink is a quarterly themed magazine covering contemporary art and ideas from the Asia-Pacific. Our office is based in the Adelaide Central School of Art, Glenside Cultural Precinct.