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06 May 2011

Aquitaine Image Cinema


One of the key missions of Aquitaine Image Cinema is to create vocations, discover new talent, and support film development and production.


Funding for Development and Production is available for writing scripts, producing short and feature films, documentaries and animated films.


· The projects must be produced by an entity domiciled in the Aquitaine region (association or company).

· Projects from outside of the region will be considered on the condition that a regional entity or entities are involved as co-producers for a participation that is equal to at least 30% of the overall production budget.

· The project should not exceed one hour in length and should be shot using professional quality format (Super 16 mm or 35 mm, Bétacam, Bétacam SP, all digital formats).

· Funding is limited to 1/3 of the budget, within a limit of 15 245 euros and will be paid to the recipient in two installments: 50% upon signature of the agreement between the President of the Regional Council of Aquitaine and the recipient, and 50% after the end of shooting of the project and upon delivery of supporting documents (i.e. producer's commitment).