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02 Oct 2018

Apsara Arts Association

Apsara Arts Association (AAA) is a local non-governmental organisation created in 1998 that aims to see Cambodian arts and culture become more valued and popular in Cambodia as a whole, as well as in the world in general, thus sustaining and developing the culture.

Cambodian culture is one of the oldest ones in Southeast Asia. Centuries of war, especially over the last 30 years, have destroyed much in Cambodia, including arts and culture. The popularity of the traditional arts seems to be weakening and they are threatened by non-Cambodia cultural influences coming from the outside as well. Therefore, artists from the Royal University of Fine Arts led by Mr. Chhay Sopha and Mrs. Vong Metry collectively decided to establish the Apsara Arts Association (AAA).


  • Education and training:
  • Provide training of the performing arts (dance, music, classical and traditional theater)
  • Give foreign language lessons, part time classes to students, other vocational skills
  • Provide accommodation, food and everyday necessities to orphans and poor children, sending them to the state-run-school.