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28 Nov 2016


AMBASADA is a brand under the CASA PLAI Association, a social enterprise developed with the support of NESsT Romania Foundation, part of the European Project "Sprijin integrat Structurilor de Economie Sociala (SISES)", identified by POSDRU/168/6.1/S/143849. AMBASADA - the new cultural and concept space that brings together not only the non-profit community, but the creative one as well, in a strive to generate new projects and impact solutions while drinking a fair trade coffee.

The cultural and resource center is equally interesting for the corporate sector as an alternative space for learning and inspiring employees, while connecting to the local community and solving issues important to it. Acting as a bistro/cafe/meeting room/conference and event room, AMBASADA will offer both a coffee and a training, inspiring sessions, concerts and live-public music rehearsals, movies' night, artistic instalations and so much more.

Since 2016, AMBASADA in a member of Trans Europe Halles, a Europe based network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists.