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20 Oct 2020

AiNIN - Artists in Nature International Network

AiNIN is an international organisation dedicated to serving working artists and event organisers who create and engage in site-specific, land-based art across a broad range of disciplines. We believe that art-in-nature implies respecting nature, to reveal and comment upon our relationship with our environments, rather than exploiting it for the sake of art.

It was formed in 1999 and currently represent a significant number of international artists and communities from around the world. We are open to visual artists, performers, musicians, writers, video and sound artists and other forms of art, as long as they are site-specific and respect AiNIN’s art-in-nature principles. 

International opportunities are shared regularly to members via email. These opportunities include artist calls for site-specific arts events, residences (which are usually related to place and the environment) and other art-nature associated events.

The constitution of AiNIN is lodged in France. The Members of the Bureau (who are responsible for the administration and direction of AiNIN) have, at different times, been based in Europe, Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand. Membership costs 30€ per year for individual artists.