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19 Dec 2011

France | Horizon - Arts in Nature | open call


Horizons - Arts in Nature takes place in rural Sancy in central France June-September 2012. Grants available for visual artists to make site-specific short-lived contemporary works - proposals invited now!

The event is open to artists with a strong national or/and international artistic experience and to young talents (just or recently - less than 2 years- graduated from art school)

Number of candidates selected: 11

Horizons - Arts in Nature event will take place between the 16th June and 16th September 2012. This is the fifth of a contemporary art event based on short-lived visual works of art specifically made for the Sancy massif (heart of the Massif Central in France).

Art remuneration: a payment of €8,000 will be given to each selected artist (covering the creation, travel expenses, the transport of materials from the studio to the site, installation of the work, food and accommodation for the artist in the area).


No specific theme has been given to the event so as to leave the artists free to express their artistic temperament. However, a guideline is taking shape around the notions of "the environment", "territory" and "creation, "Art and ecology" are themes that we embrace as well.

Selection method

- The event is opened to visual artists who can prove national and international artistic experience, as well as to young talent. Artist are selected by a committee including elected representatives, members of civil society and qualified members (arts centre, DRAC Regional Cultural Affairs Department, artists), and “young talent”.

- Are involved as "young talent", students, alone or in team, of Schools of Art, Architecture, Landscape, in penultimate or final year of degree course or have graduated since last year.

- The selection of artists is deliberately national and international.

Art grant:

A grant totalling €8,000 will be given to each artist selected. It must cover the following services:

- Producing the work: creation, purchase of and working the materials, logistics, transporting elements from the studio to the site, where necessary, and installation of the work (the artists have to provide the tools and materials needed for their work);

- The artist’s trips;

- Food and accommodation for the artist in the area when visiting sites and creating the work (a list of accommodation will be given to the artists selected);

- The artist’s presence during the installation of the work is mandatory;

- The artist’s presence at the preview is mandatory;

- The production of a explanatory text presenting his/her work and his/her artistic approach. It can be written by the artist or a contemporary art specialist;

- A possible visit to the sites in the Sancy Massif scheduled by the organiser for all the chosen artists.

- The artist has to ensure the maintenance of the work for the duration of the event in case of natural or human degradation of the work;

- The dismantling of the work;

- The use of images of the piece in accordance with moral rights. The candidates selected agree to be photographed along with their working and their work of art for the time the event lasts, in order to be feature on media relating to the Arts in Nature Festival (promotion, communication, by-products (publications, etc.), Internet site, etc.).

- The transfer of the work’s exploitation rights for a period fixed by the organiser. The terms of this transfer will be set by an agreement between the artist and the organiser. Of course the works remain the artists’ intellectual property and the rights are assigned temporarily.

Deadline: 19 December 2011

See website for pdf FULL application guidelines and how to apply.

This opportunity came via Artservis (Thanks!)

Crédit photo : Bernard Pauty - 2011